The 4th Annual International Learning and Civic Engagement Symposium

Connect, Collaborate, Innovate!

March 6, 2019

Connect, Collaborate, Innovate!

Leaders in higher education acknowledge that colleges and universities should not only provide quality educational programs but should teach students to be engaged citizens by instilling in them the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to become leaders for positive change.

In this spirit, the Community College of Qatar is proud to announce the upcoming launch of its fourth annual International Learning and Civic Engagement (ILCE) Symposium.

The event aims to showcase how campus-community partnerships, community engagement projects, service-learning courses, and many other initiatives provide resources to help meet community needs and furnish applied learning experiences for students, thereby developing future community leaders.

In its 4th edition, the ILCE Symposium will be held under the theme “Connect, Collaborate, Innovate!” and will focus on a diverse range of supporting topics and subthemes.


  • Research-based Community Engagement
  • Community-engaged Teaching and Learning
  • Knowledge-driven Volunteerism and Community Engagement
  • Institutionalization and Mainstreaming of University-Community Engagement
  • Community-based Disaster Response
  • University-Community Partnerships/Impacts
  • Active Citizenship
  • Best Practices in Civic Engagement and Service Learning
  • Building Bridges and Eliminating Barriers through Learning Communities
  • Future of University-Community Engagement in a Global Environment
  • Empowering Students through Rigorous Academic Honors Programs
  • University-Community Engagement: Identifying Challenges and Proposing Possible Solutions